Test At Online hearing aids Ltd we have invested heavily in industry expertise to produce an exceptionally accurate online assessment. We have tested our application extensively to ensure our online test is prescriptively accurate. We believe we have produced something that is incredibly user friendly and that provides users with a clear outcome and analysis of the quality of their hearing and ultimately whether a hearing solution will be beneficial.

We have attempted to maintain continuity with industry standards however our test does have its limitations and we would advise that you should contact your local hearing care specialist for a full and in-depth assessment of your hearing pathology if you feel you are having difficulties with your hearing.

If you have noticed a sudden deterioration in your hearing (within the last 72 hours/90 days) we would strongly advise that you contact your General Practitioner or other medical professional and seek medical advice. We would strongly recommend that you do not take this test as the results may not be accurate and any underlying associated medical condition should be assessed and treated prior to taking this test.

Thank you for your support – The Online Hearing aids team.

Please tick this box to confirm you have read our advice and are happy to continue with our online test and for Online Hearing aids Ltd to use the outcome of the test to programme your chosen solution.