At Online hearing aids we feel that our service to our customers should not only include our superb range of hearing solutions but also to provide the education around wearing them. We want to make sure our customers gain the greatest benefit from their hearing aids and return to communicating as easily as possible in a range of environments.

Below we have set out to provide as much information and education around the process of hearing and listening, we hope you find it beneficial.


If we are fortunate to be born with good hearing we learn the art of communication at a young age. By the time we are old enough to comprehend, we are no longer aware of the hardships we faced when learning how to formulate words and gain understanding when communicating with our loved ones and others around us.

When our hearing starts to deteriorate (naturally around 55 years of age) we have a memory bank of words and context which allows us to compensate for a level of deterioration, which is why often we do not appreciate that our hearing is deteriorating. However there comes a time when either we notice or people around us notice that we are not hearing everything that we should and we then seek help in the form of a hearing solution.

Online Hearing Aids UK | Hearing Aids | Hearing Test | Audiologist | UK
Online Hearing Aids UK | Hearing Aids | Hearing Test | Audiologist | UK
Online Hearing Aids UK | Hearing Aids | Hearing Test | Audiologist | UK

The key to success

When we start to wear hearing aids, our brain needs time to learn how to process the new sounds around us. You will find that in certain environments (commonly places like pubs, restaurants or large meetings) you may not gain as much benefit from the hearing aids as soon as you would like. It can take several months for your brain to rehabilitate. Ultimately the more quickly people with hearing loss adopt hearing aids the more quickly the brain will rehabilitate and the less of an impact the auditory deprivation will have on the performance on the hearing aid and wearer.

Not many people appreciate how common hearing loss is. You may be fortunate to live your life and not suffer from hearing loss – however given that on average we begin to lose our hearing in our mid 50’s and that roughly 30% of people in their mid-60’s would benefit from wearing hearing aids and 50% of people in their mid-70’s would also benefit from wearing hearing aids, the likely hood is you will suffer from a hearing loss at some stage. Aiding your hearing loss earlier will mean that the process is more successful, and you can reduce the effect of Auditory deprivation and in turn maintain your level of cognition for longer (as recent studies published in the lancet have suggested).

It is also very important that you wear your hearing aids all day long to give your brain the best chance to rehabilitate. “Dipping in and out” with your hearing aids will only make this process more complicated and lengthier. Its about creating a habit (a good one) so that wearing your hearing aids becomes the norm, which in turn will mean that you are successful and gain the greatest benefit from your hearing aids.

Online Hearing Aids UK | Hearing Aids | Hearing Test | Audiologist | UK
Online Hearing Aids UK | Hearing Aids | Hearing Test | Audiologist | UK

To supplement the auditory rehabilitation that occurs when wearing hearing aids, several apps have been developed for Auditory training. Auditory training is the process of formal listening activities that are designed to optimize speech understanding and have been proven to improve speech recognition even in noise. They are predominantly designed for people who have recently lost their hearing however because of the neuroplasticity of the brain it can be very beneficial (with increased work) to people who have had a hearing loss for many years. The Apps have been developed to improve the listening skills of hearing aid wearers. By performing certain auditory exercises, soon after starting your journey with wearing hearing aids you can improve the performance of both the hearing aids and your brain.

Please see below a selection of theses Apps that you can download onto your smart device from your chosen app provider (IOS/Android) which you may find useful on your journey to better hearing.

LACE® Listening and Communication Enhancement:
clEAR – customized learning: Exercises for Aural Rehabilitation:
Angel Sound:
Postit Science: Brain Fitness Program:

If you have any further questions or seek further information, please do not hesitate to send us a message and we will endeavour to help you as efficiently as possible.

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