If your hearing aid(s) stop working or their performance has reduced, they may benefit from a service or repair.

A variety of problems can be resolved at home, please look at the following points and try to improve the hearing aids performance before contacting Online hearing aids ltd or returning your devices:

  • Insert a fresh battery
  • If rechargeable – check the hearing aid is docked properly in the charger and the charger is receiving power.
  • Clean and check the domes, speakers and hearing aid unit (section that sits behind the ear).
  • Replace the earwax filter (white cap that sits at the end of the speaker)

Should the above points not resolve the issue, please send the hearing aid(s) in to the manufacturer for a service or repair – see the steps below on how to send the aid(s) in:

Warranty repairs

If your hearing aid(s) is still within its manufacturers warranty the repair will be covered under the warranty at no additional cost unless the hearing aid is not working through malicious or accidental damage – see our warranty page for terms and conditions and to find out what is covered by the manufacturers warranty.

  • Please login to your account from the Account page
  • Select the Orders link – this will show you all your orders.
  • Here you can view your orders or Request Warranty
  • When you select the Request Warranty button you will then need to select the product you are returning and click on the Request Warranty button.
  • Please fill out the Request Warranty form
  • Print off and fill out the repairs form from our website (your name and address must be filled out to ensure the hearing aid is returned to you)
  • Send your hearing aid(s) and repair form to Unitron Uk, Sonova House, Lakeside Drive, Warrington WA1 1RW

60 Day Money back guarantee

If you are returning your hearing aid(s) within the 60 days please do the same process as above, selecting 60 Day Money back and return the item to Online hearing aids Ltd, PO BOX 4242, Swindon, SN2 9LN.

For more details on our return policy please see here.

Out of warranty repair

Should your hearing aid(s) not be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty then your repair will incur a charge of £150 per hearing aid.

Please purchase the repair item here, print out and complete the repair form from our website and send your hearing aid(s) along with the repair form to Unitron Uk. Sonova House, Lakeside Drive, Warrington WA1 1RW. You must add your name and return address to the paperwork to ensure the hearing aid(s) is returned to you correctly.

If the hearing aid has been damaged beyond repair, you will be advised and made aware of the options available to you for replacement by the Online Hearing Aids ltd repair team via email. You will receive this correspondence within 7 working days of the manufacturer receiving your irreparable hearing aid(s).