Custom prescribed receiver in canal hearing aid, Rechargeable, App controlled, Made for all Bluetooth hearing aid, optional audio tv streamer

The price listed is for a pair of hearing aids.



Warranty: 4 Years

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7 Listening environments

SoundNav 3.0 automatically identifies and classifies each of the following distinct
environments for the Discover 9 technology level:
Conversation in a crowd
Conversation in a small group
Conversation in quiet
Conversation in noise7 Listening environments
Sound Conductor
Dynamically balances features to provide speech understanding, comfort and natural


A feature that provides optimal speech understanding and localization from all directions
Speech Locator
Quickly determines the direction speech is coming from

Speech Focus

Makes it easier to understand speech from any direction


Specialized frequency response/gain offsets for the Music program designed to enhance
the music listening experience based on user preference.

Automatic Adaptation Manager

Allows for an automatic and smooth adjustment period for the client; providing the best
possible first fit acceptance combined with maximum long-term benefit for speech

Multiband adaptive directionality

A microphone system that tracks and suppresses multiple moving noise sources, while
focusing on sounds from the front

AntiShock 2

Instantly suppresses sudden loud, irritating sounds without affecting speech and sounds
your clients want to hear.

Natural Sound Balance

Adaptive feature that continuously monitors the relationship between the direct sound path
(vent-transmitted sound) and the amplified path and automatically adjusts the hearing
instrument output to ensure the sound mixture provides natural sound quality.
Feedback manager / whistling control
Offers adjustable strengths to suppress various degrees of feedback and provides more
usable gain.

Wind Control

Automatically reduces wind noise to improve listening comfort

Speech enhancement

Adaptive feature that identifies the presence of speech in the listening situation and
increases gain in any of the channels where speech is the dominant signal. Speech
enhancement provides greater enhancement to softer inputs while providing less
enhancement as input levels rise, to prevent loudness tolerance issues.

Noise reduction

Adaptive feature that improves listening comfort by decreasing gain / output of the hearing
instrument in those channels where noise is the dominant signal.

Compatible with both Android and IOS bluetooth smart phones, enabling phone calls and
music to be streamed wirelessly direct to the hearing instrument.

Lithium-ion Rechargeable hearing aid

Compatible with the Remote Plus app from unitron

Compatible with the TV Connector to stream audio directly from your tv and other audio
devices straight to your hearing aids, providing unrivalled sound quality and understanding
when watching television or listening to an audio device such as a pc/tablet or radio.

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Platinum, Expresso, Amber Suede, Charcoal

Tube Length

Short/Medium, Medium/Long