Custom prescribed receiver in canal hearing aid, disposable 312 battery, 4 customised programmes (inc telecoil) and optional remote control

The price listed is for a pair of hearing aids.



Warranty: 4 Years

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This manual program will switch microphone input from omni directional to the selected
directional strategy when the noise exceeds the selected dB transition level.

Sound Conductor

Dynamically balances features to provide speech understanding, comfort and natural

Automatic Adaptation Manager

Allows for an automatic and smooth adjustment period for the client; providing the best
possible first fit acceptance combined with maximum long-term benefit for speech

Adaptive directionality

Uses an adaptive directional polar pattern strategy to improve speech understanding in

AntiShock 2

Instantly suppresses sudden loud, irritating sounds without affecting speech and sounds
your clients want to hear.

Natural Sound Balance

Adaptive feature that continuously monitors the relationship between the direct sound path
(vent-transmitted sound) and the amplified path and automatically adjusts the hearing
instrument output to ensure the sound mixture provides natural sound quality.

Feedback manager/ whistling control

Offers adjustable strengths to suppress various degrees of feedback and provides more
usable gain.

Wind Control

Automatically reduces wind noise to improve listening comfort

Speech enhancement

Adaptive feature that identifies the presence of speech in the listening situation and
increases gain in any of the channels where speech is the dominant signal. Speech
enhancement provides greater enhancement to softer inputs while providing less
enhancement as input levels rise, to prevent loudness tolerance issues.

Noise reduction

Adaptive feature that improves listening comfort by decreasing gain / output of the hearing
instrument in those channels where noise is the dominant signal.

Disposable 312 battery operated hearing aid – battery should last around 5 consecutive
calendar days.
remote control option – allows user to control volume and change programme between
universal, noise and music listening environments and telecom (loop system).

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Platinum, Expresso, Amber Suede, Charcoal

Tube Length

Short/Medium, Medium/Long